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New route between Phnom Penh and Bangkok operated on 11th April 2019.
Daily flight, open for sale now!

Bangkok(Thai:กรุงเทพ,pronunciation:Krungthep),the meaning of the word is “The City of Angles”. Bangkok is the capital city and also is the largest city of Thailand, located in central of Thailand, to the south of Bangkok is the gulf of Thailand. Bangkok is also the city with the largest number of Buddhist temples in the world,therefore,Bangkok is also known as the "The city of Buddhism", and Thailand is also known as “The World's Most Heavily Buddhist Country”. As Thailand's largest city, the whole city of grand Bangkok is divided into 50 districts, total population is about 15 millions.

Bangkok is a collection of traditional customs and modern fashion charismatic city, in here, ancient and graceful Buddhist temples and row upon row of high-rise buildings reflect and enhance each other’s beauty, silent alleys and prosperous boulevards interlaced with each other. Tourists can see mendicant monks everywhere in Bangkok, also can find office worker in western dress and leather shoes in the same place; you can taste authentic delicious food at roadside stalls and then go to five-star hotels to enjoy luxury services;you can shop in large shopping malls or pick out interesting souvenirs in noisy bazaars. Modern trends and Thai traditional culture find tacit understanding、western culture and southeast Asian customs are coexistent here. Bangkok also is a gateway to many other places of Thailand. Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and other surrounding tourist destinations are reachable from here.


Mae Nam(Chao Phraya) River(แม่น้ำเจ้าพระยา) runs through the City, the magnificent and glorious Grand Palace, lofty and solemn Wat Arun, immemorial and exquisite Wat Phra Chettuphon,bustling and prosperous Khaosan Road,with unadulterated Chaoshan style’s Chinatown etc. These attractive scenic are located on both sides of the Mae Nam River.
The areas around Bangkok city also are popular tourist destinations. Primitive floating market; the world's "Most Amazing" railway market; the historical city “Ayutthaya”; Hua Xin, a small city known as the backyard garden of royal and Pattaya,a coastal resort which known as the oriental Hawaii... these wonderful places make tourists fascinated and make them want to go there to find out the mysteries and beauties.


Bangkok is also a shopping paradise for tourists, Siem Square is located at the intersection of two light rails, it is one of the most prosperity and renowned shopping center in Bangkok. Majority of shopping malls gathered in here, it is the main area for tourists to go shopping, there are a lot of promotions in June and December of each year.
Chatuchak weekend market、asiatique the riverfront market are good places to buy handicrafts and local specialties; Khao San road is a gathering place for backpackers from all over the world, a famous street bar as well.

Delicious Food

In the field of food, Thailand is known for its Thai cuisine, after tasting the delicious Thai tom yum kung soup, papaya salad and fresh coconut juice, have a traditional Thai massage, maybe you will find that the total cost is less than 100 RMB. Bangkok is such a cheap and nice place that you can enjoy any kind of lifestyles no matter extravagant or economical it is.  


The transportation system of Bangkok is the most convenient among all the cities in Thailand. BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) and MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) both are the first choice for travelling. Besides, there also has express buses and shipping in Bangkok.
Tuk-Tuks are the most distinctive means of transportation in southeast Asia. Flexible, cheap, convenient, independent, these advantages make Tuk-Tuks popular with tourists. It’s easy to see them in the streets to make the scenery of the city more unique and beautiful.


Bangkok has a hot and humid climate and all of the seasons are like summer. Annual average temperature is 27.5 ℃, the mean precipitation is 1500 mm per year. Air temperature: year highest temperature is 33.5 ℃(June), the lowest is 11 ℃(January). In April each year during the water-sprinkling festival, the temperature is particularly up to 40 ℃. In spite of the temperature in Bangkok is not low, but indoor and public transport air conditioning is very “cool”, so topcoats or long sleeves are essential.