5/28/2018 8:37:09 PM

Macao is located in the Pearl River Delta on the southeast coast of China. It is about sixty kilometers from Hongkong. The ship can arrive about 1 hours or so. The entire Macao is made up of this island as well as the two Islands of the island and the road ring. The bridge and the highway connect them together. Macao has been called "fishing island". It is a small area. It can be seen in a small area. In general, it takes only 2-3 days to travel throughout Macao. The distance between the scenic spots is very close, and the visitors can choose to visit it on foot, and the traffic facilities are very developed. It is easy to go back and forth between the island and the two Islands.


In Macao, the most famous is the gambling industry of drunken paper fans. Indeed, there are countless gambling places in Macao, and the economy of the whole of Macao is supported by the gambling industry. But for newly arrived Backpackers, besides the gambling industry, they also attract delicious egg tarts, famous big three bars and Rose Hall. Snacks, tea restaurants, theme museums, cultural sites and European churches are all packed with backpackers. The historic city of Macao preserves quite a lot of old buildings and has been included in the world cultural heritage.


Macao is a diverse area with an annual International Food Festival, International Fireworks Festival, grand car racing, Film Festival, and colorful nightlife. No matter what your attitude is, Macao will always show you another unexpected side.