6/29/2018 7:34:28 PM

Cambodia Airways operates weekly 2 charter flights between Siem Reap(REP) and Taipei(TPE) from 9th October 2018.
To book the flight, kindly contact our cooperative travel agency.

Taipei is located in the Taipei basin. In winter, Taipei is affected by the northeastern monsoon. It is often cloudy and wet and cold. The city is flat, Keelung River, Xin Dian Creek and freshwater river run through, and Yangmingshan National Park is owned. City。 As the premier area, Taipei is the most prosperous city in Taiwan, the center of political commerce.


If you look at this city from a hardware facility, Taipei is still a bit broken; if you look down from the 101 building, Taipei is really like a city in Southeast Asia; but Taipei's "rich" is hidden in these broken and rotten. Taipei is not big. It is a city that can be measured by feet, the most upscale department stores and office buildings, or the old city of Baroque Minnan style; through the smallest fresh flowers, big trees, lanes, or the temple and temple fairs in the streets and lanes; the most avant-garde exhibition in the creative garden area, or the most avantgarde exhibition in the creative garden area. The night market in the Caspian Sea to eat a variety of snack, tea or hot springs, or go to the sea surfing; different scenes, the change of play and the contrast is so fast, perhaps this is the charming place in Taipei.


Everyone has a different understanding of Taipei. Different cities have different qualities. For Taipei people who think they are already well informed, the biggest feature of Taipei is "tolerance". It may be the most inclusive city in the Chinese world. This is a rich and interesting city, what do you want to play with What you want to see almost meets your needs.


For the first time, travelers to Taipei usually choose to live near Taipei station. This is the center of Taipei, which is the starting point for you to know Taiwan. There are many hotels around Taipei station, which are all in all directions and have a strong function of life. Taipei can be divided into four blocks by Zhongshan north and South Road, loyalty and filial piety road. In Taipei, as long as there is "West Road", it is often the old city of Taipei. If you want to visit the old city of Taipei, the "West Road" can be extended to the riverside river. Now the urban area of Taipei is developing eastward. Along the East Road of loyalty and filial piety to the East, there are several business circles, all the way to the 101 faith business circle in Taipei; to the southeast is Taipei's cultural and educational area, for example, the masters of Taiwan are mostly gathered here, and the famous Yongkang block has gathered a lot of literary and artistic youth. Taipei is not big. MRT is the most convenient and fast choice of transportation.